OOTD - Denim daze

Other than wearing all black most days I often find denim on denim as another go to, nothing to think about outfit. Links to all the items I am wearing in this OOTD is listed below. The links will take you directly to the website of where each item was purchased. Give it a few seconds to load.
I will try to post my #ootd as often as I can.

Jewelry -  my designs obviously

Urban Outfitters hat - http://go.magik.ly/r/tooclothedforcomfort/bad3/

Ray Ban sunglasses - http://a.chipp.us/r/tooclothedforcomfort/85e0/

Denim shirt - http://go.magik.ly/r/tooclothedforcomfort/85e3/

Black muscle tee - http://go.magik.ly/r/tooclothedforcomfort/85e4/

Ripped denim - http://go.magik.ly/r/tooclothedforcomfort/bad6/

Shoes - http://go.magik.ly/r/tooclothedforcomfort/85e6/

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