Bang 400

Bang 400

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I recently partnered with a very influential menswear blogger by the name of Nathan M. He is the editor and creative genius behind the lifestlye/fashion blog The man has the sickest style and is known for his infamous mustache. I suggest you check out his blog when you can.

Living on opposite ends of the the world is what spark the idea. He lives in Australia and I live here in USA. We needed to crate a design concept that was unique, minimal, and true to both our aesthetics. Nathan had the amazing idea to create a compass design that would also involve the skull detail I already include in most of my work.

We present you the BANG compass skull bracelets

Each silver tone skull head has been hand stamped with the letters N, S, E, W.

This bracelet design is LIMITED EDITION, and only a few colorways will be available.

Bracelet measures 8"

Handmade in the USA.